Yvan Official Youtube
Yvan Official Youtube Pred 14 urami
The kubota is kinda funny🤣🤣🤣
Stuart Browne
Stuart Browne Pred 15 urami
Where is Chief??
Danny Pred 15 urami
Pond - Thats a puddle - man someone teach these guys what a pond is lol
Frost X
Frost X Pred 15 urami
They aren’t finished
Knightmare Pred 15 urami
Let's get back to the roots and get a big garage built. Love the house and toy's fella's but let's go now.
alan lewis
alan lewis Pred 15 urami
when r u back doing cars
Hilke Dors-Westerhof
Hilke Dors-Westerhof Pred 15 urami
are you brothers or cousins
Chris Malemo
Chris Malemo Pred 15 urami
We need to see the beast in it more often
Chris Malemo
Chris Malemo Pred 15 urami
Why is the GMC truck never put to use ???
Samael 3103
Samael 3103 Pred 15 urami
There are sooo good news for the Supra, Toyota is making a manual 3jz !!!
Stan Tate
Stan Tate Pred 15 urami
Simon is killing it with the camera.
To Wu
To Wu Pred 15 urami
MOSQUITOS!!! - if you don't want the pond to turn into a mosquito pit, add a water feature which will break the water surface. That way mosquitos can't lay larva because they'll drown. Plus side is, that the water feature will also aerate the water for any fish you may plan. Use geotextile on the edges above the clay and then put a layer of clay all the way around to the top edge of the pond, that way the water won't drain through the topsoil.
Big Round
Big Round Pred 15 urami
Tbh y’all talk more then y’all work videos starting to get very boring
Dan Lemke
Dan Lemke Pred 15 urami
I would think it a good idea to put a large drain in on the downhill side to lower the water level should things go sideways.
501Bloo Pred 15 urami
U guys are phenomenal! Love the channel!
C Moore
C Moore Pred 15 urami
Any pond or lake larger than one acre in the state of Tennessee has to have a permit from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation; any pond or lake regardless of size that impounds, or flows into, a stream has to have an Aquatic Resources Alteration Permit. If that were my property, I would call Department of Agriculture or Conservation before I did anything else so they can help you. But what do I know. You're rideculing people for trying to help you.
Jannik Sauer
Jannik Sauer Pred 15 urami
Please fix the Suprax headlight. It bothers me every time.
Stan Giles
Stan Giles Pred 16 urami
hoodies are super limited and sold out
Stan Giles
Stan Giles Pred 16 urami
dig a hole is not the way to build a pond , yup its dangerous from danger triplets. yes it needs to be flat and you need a water supply , stable sides and keep leaves out of it, aerration for fish dang do you know anything, super dangerous , esp when you get stuck ,call kubuto for more toys you dont know how to use Happy thankgiving, dont forget to slap an Indian
Scott Widdison
Scott Widdison Pred 16 urami
Build a timber jetty in the pond to fish or jump off.
Sheikh Wahed
Sheikh Wahed Pred 16 urami
Am I the only one who still remembers the puppy? Where it is?
Jaco Pred 16 urami
That fishing pond is a GREAT IDEA!
Gary B
Gary B Pred 16 urami
Where is the puppy? Haven't seen him around lately...
MrBugatii12 Pred 16 urami
Yo mans took a bite of clay
Sudheesha KG
Sudheesha KG Pred 16 urami
The content is too stretched. U guys talk unnecessary stuff.
Chris Stover
Chris Stover Pred 16 urami
I never knew there was so many experts on pond building watching yall
Ahmad Evangelista
Ahmad Evangelista Pred 16 urami
I hope you guys plant new trees for the future
Aaron Pred 16 urami
I hear you can line the bottom of your pond with plastic To hold water and keep it somewhat clean. Drop a Cesar's Palace water jet in the center. There you go......lmao !! Keep up the motivated work.
vitor passianoto
vitor passianoto Pred 16 urami
these guys did an awesome pond build and it seems to be really cool. give them a shout for yours as well. maybe they could help. Ed The Pond Professor. much love from Dallas tx. love yalls videos
WAP Pettigrew
WAP Pettigrew Pred 16 urami
Ok so he just ate dirt 🤯. 🤣And then he has to fall down @ 11:28 🤣. I was going to say why do you have an RV you have a Apocalypse military truck much better ✅
Derex Leas
Derex Leas Pred 16 urami
“Oh lord he’s on x games mode” 😂love it
Cooper Wilson
Cooper Wilson Pred 17 urami
Why’s it always one twin driving the machine
Cooper Wilson
Cooper Wilson Pred 15 urami
@John Stedman oh yea true true thanks bud 👍🏽
John Stedman
John Stedman Pred 16 urami
They are not twins. Simeon, the younger brother, does most of the photography and editing, and Eleazar (often nicknamed 'Billy') is the older brother who is seen more onscreen.
Russel Finch
Russel Finch Pred 17 urami
Surprised they don’t need a permit ?
John Stedman
John Stedman Pred 16 urami
The location is (just) within Chattanooga City Limits, and it is not clear whether Goonzquad have yet made the necessary checks regarding Permits. This should always be done before commencing excavations.
stephen fontaine
stephen fontaine Pred 17 urami
Some of y'all are saying stick to cars??? Hell no these guys are young and learning everyday. Doing far more than most these negative comments could dream to do.
laurence githu
laurence githu Pred 17 urami
Ay what happened to chief ??
Deksam101 Pred 17 urami
4:42 Ok, that was one of the best laughs from you guys in a while dudes!
Smoke Pred 17 urami
This was the dumbest episode yet... A giant thumbs down here... I suggest you listen to the comments about your dumb ass pond idea.
Kamal Kour
Kamal Kour Pred 17 urami
Love you guys awesome
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera Pred 17 urami
Love seeing the Denali I love that truck
Brian Proffitt
Brian Proffitt Pred 17 urami
I’d definitely do what y’all said, the island idea with that cool tree in the middle of it would be dope.
9T2 Pred 17 urami
The Pond guy
Wes Wright
Wes Wright Pred 17 urami
I know the camera gives a different visual perspective on things, but it looks relatively flat where they’re putting the pond, as least on the downside. Above it are trees. I’m not sure what will happen with them. I reckon they can knock up some kind of reinforcements, though. They say they can only go 15 feet down, so I reckon they’re getting advice from someone. Hopefully good advice.
Christoph Riehmann
Christoph Riehmann Pred 17 urami
I've been following your channel for almost two years now and I usually couldn't wait for the next episode to be online. Even, after you started the house renovation I kept on watching and hoped, you'll be soon back at restoring cars. But one unfinished (even car) project after another started... for me this is getting slightly out of hand. I came here to watch cars and ended up watching two guys dig a hole... I know, you are having a lot of fun, which is fine. But for me, I would rather see you guys working on cars again!
Humberto Chavez
Humberto Chavez Pred 17 urami
Yall need to compact that allot more go a little deeper if yall plan to have fish. Yall don't have to make the whole pond deep but need a decent size just in case yall put fish and if it freezes. I would get some professionals to give yall an idea. Cause if yall hold up so much water and it breaks yall could damage your property or the neighbors.
Jamie Clarke
Jamie Clarke Pred 17 urami
Boys if ya gonna build a pond check out letsdig18 he is the pond master love your work fellas 🤘🤘🤘👍👍👍👍👍
Young nigga
Young nigga Pred 17 urami
Who miss seing goonzsquad back to new supercar project? Btw love from bali , indonesia guys!
TODD_FL Pred 17 urami
I forget the youtube channel but they did a pond for Shaquille O'Neal not to long ago. Simply put: find yourself a really good pro pond expert/company. You gonna need alot of things for that pond for sure. Filtration most important!
Robert Gutierrez
Robert Gutierrez Pred 17 urami
Make a water fall going into the pond!!!
mercedessandra82 Pred 17 urami
They will need to concrete the whole pond then put some rocks inside
thundermufffin Pred 17 urami
love that heart shaped pond :)
Deksam101 Pred 17 urami
I think the govt want to shut down thanksgiving because well, we always suspected they hate happiness, now they proved it. Happy Thanksgiving anyways Goonz!
Computer Consultant
Computer Consultant Pred 17 urami
who is evil enough to dislike a goonzquad video?
mercedessandra82 Pred 17 urami
Nasser N
Nasser N Pred 17 urami
Who is dude and who is dangson? I can’t seem to tell the difference!
James Jones
James Jones Pred 17 urami
Check out youtuber " Letsdig18 ". Chris has several videos on construction of ponds.
sally the v6
sally the v6 Pred 17 urami
Hey guys me and my dad started our own landscaping company if you message my Gmail I can help you guys with all the equipment you need 🙏🏾🤙🏾
Mary Edwards
Mary Edwards Pred 17 urami
Yals mini pond was in the shape of a heart btw lol
Dale Thompson
Dale Thompson Pred 18 urami
What happened to the first boat?
Michael Preyer
Michael Preyer Pred 18 urami
Those were some really nice, controlled donuts there at the end. Good driving!
Dragan Zeta
Dragan Zeta Pred 18 urami
qksmith Pred 18 urami
and next week we undo all the work we did so we can do it again properly.
Ben Mac
Ben Mac Pred 18 urami
I'm sure the excavator would be far more efficient for digging that the bobcat
Eugene Russell
Eugene Russell Pred 18 urami
Thats "supra fire"
flir67man Pred 18 urami
protect the pond from flooding.. or burm getting washed out and flooding your neighbor. if theres a creek at the bottom of hill dont touch it or the area around it. All creeks and rivers in the usa belong to army corp of engineers. Call for permits near creeks...all of them even if its on your property. Dig in it without there permission. the fines will be massive, 50,000 starting. They will take your house property and everything with phonecalls.. dont play with bulldozers near creeks... seen them show up and they took ownership of two cat D9s ,dumptrucks,etc.. construction owner ran away..
Tahir Rehman
Tahir Rehman Pred 18 urami
Get pual caffaro
Michael Chittick
Michael Chittick Pred 18 urami
Give us some vidjas or update on the vehicles. Love your guy’s channel!
Kelly Bocock
Kelly Bocock Pred 18 urami
Flex seal tape.
Ben Mac
Ben Mac Pred 18 urami
You americans clearly have a different idea of game fishing to me if you class trout as game fish
MortexLion 37
MortexLion 37 Pred 18 urami
ok wtf is the stupid ass pond idea...Get off the WEED MAN or just smoke less
Kelly Bocock
Kelly Bocock Pred 18 urami
When you dig it out you should add shelves and structure... you should also think about a spillway.
Shawn Cockrell
Shawn Cockrell Pred 18 urami
Better talk to letsdig18 on that pond, a fellow youtuber, reach out to him.
Spencer St. Pierre
Spencer St. Pierre Pred 18 urami
Next thing they are buying is an rv. Trust me that happened with the excavator
Mick Australia
Mick Australia Pred 18 urami
No1 compact your walls or u will lose your water
Saksham Tiwari
Saksham Tiwari Pred 18 urami
u also had a boat which u build it what about it never saw after the videos
Kelly Bocock
Kelly Bocock Pred 18 urami
Don't put catfish in the pond at all... start with bluegill until they start breeding and add bass.
Devon Freitag
Devon Freitag Pred 18 urami
Takes a bite of the dirt 😂😂 happy thanksgiving to all:)
Kelly Bocock
Kelly Bocock Pred 18 urami
The blinds that are on the garage area need custom blinds built.
robert Foley
robert Foley Pred 18 urami
Does their merch run small or true to size?
Stephen Fillingham
Stephen Fillingham Pred 18 urami
This is the first video from the guys that I've thought was a waste of time, what a shame. They need to refocus and soon!
Deano Stevenson
Deano Stevenson Pred 18 urami
Put the island in your pond , you won't regret it
Stone Parks
Stone Parks Pred 18 urami
Pond Idea: • make sure to build some type of walkway around the pond so you can easily access all sides for fishing • you have a bunch of extra stone laying around the property. Use some of that to build a small waterfall with a pump supplying the water.